NOAH GENERATIVE NETWORK is an initiative by thought leaders.

We support managers in finding the right path for them.

Our approach combines advisory and coaching.

In this way we create independence and not dependence.

We are distinguished by our interdisciplinary foundation in science.

We work independently and evidence-based.

Our aim is to support our clients in finding their own way.

We are sparring partners and help our clients to shape their future in an increasingly digitized world.

Our motivation

Current challenges for managers

Shaping the future

Many companies have difficulties—whether due to a lack of willingness or ability—to actively shape the future.

Overcoming outdated views

Currently existing mental models (our view of the world) prevent the necessary change and therefore require a "Great Mindshift" by all relevant actors (politics, economy, society)

Being curious and courageous

Crucial to the success of a necessary major transformation are the interactions between the most diverse disciplines and actors. This requires the ability to listen, empathy and openness to new ideas as well as the courage to implement and experiment.

Mastering cultural change and digital transformation

This necessary (major) transformation is not primarily digital, but primarily a challenge of cultural change.

Use (unimagined) leeway

As a result of the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 measures, it became clear that the scope for organisations and staff to act is much greater than was previously allowed or considered possible.