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Far-reaching upheavals have been in the offing for some time now, but have so far often been suppressed. The COVID 19 crisis has accelerated and intensified these trends, so that they are now perceived as more threatening. Even if there is much talk of a return to normalcy, it should be clear, at least in the management levels, that the only way forward is to move forward. Forward into a future that cannot be calculated from the past. Rather forward into a future that is unknown and uncertain. This path will not be shaped by standardized recipes, not by best practices. It needs a different approach. This also means that the classical management models have lost at least a good part of their effectiveness.

New approaches and novel practices are needed to shape the future. NOAH GENERATIVE NETWORK accompanies the individual paths into the future. We support owners, managers and decision-makers in recognizing and reflecting on the previously dominant thought patterns. It is also part of our self-image that we help our clients to see things that they might not have been able to see so clearly before. We sharpen the sensorium for weak signals. Together we develop approaches for the future.