Our approach

We offer an approach that combines coaching and advisory.

Traditional management consultants knew what had to be done - or at least pretended to do so. They made appropriate recommendations to their clients and in recent years have increasingly supported their implementation. And classical coaching aims at the personal and professional development of individual managers; in many cases coaches diagnosed problems and gave clear guidelines for solutions (so-called directive coaching).

This approach is increasingly reaching its limits. Because there is constant, rapid and profound change. Previous recipes for success no longer work. Orientation is fading.

We too are not omniscient and cannot accurately predict the future. But our approach helps management teams to cope better with changing conditions - by helping them to better orient themselves. We do not present concrete solutions, but rather ask questions - questions that spark new insights and thoughts. We also openly present alternative concepts for discussion. In this way, we accompany management teams and promote their competence to realign themselves and their organization with all the people involved, using their own resources. In this way, the sense and the culture of the organization can be sharpened. This approach requires staying power and is laborious. It is all the more important that you do not start building your ark immediately after the Flood has set in.

What we do

Discussions for reflection

Conducting structured dialogues to question current approaches and develop new perspectives for corporate management

Strategy Reviews

Systematic review of elaborated strategies for "blind spots

Project support

Support in the development of new approaches - from conception to successful implementation